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Professional Mobility

Through the experience of the agencies that make up ENGINET, we have been able to see first-hand that Europe is the perfect place to host quality job mobility full of opportunities.

According to data from the European Commission’s 2020 Annual Report on Job Mobility in Europe, the Union has more than 17 million intra-EU workers. It is worth noting the changing trend in the last decade in terms of their preparation. This year, one in three workers is highly qualified, whereas in 2010 this figure fell to one in four. This fact reflects the growing demand for more competent personnel, and the large labor supply in the leading sectors.

In turn, the European Union has an employability rate of 78%, one of the highest in the world. Within this percentage, one in five employees has a position classified as professional, i.e. with the highest level of qualification.

Data like this show us that Europe is a territory with high hiring horizons for the best prepared workers, such as engineers. It is not necessary to move from our continent to find the best job opportunities and the greatest challenges.

The main objective of ENGINET is to facilitate as much as possible the mobility of engineers within the Union, providing them with an essential tool for the mutual recognition of their skills: professional certification. In this way, engineers can prove their worth for the most demanding projects wherever they are. In recent years, we have seen how this medium has become an exponential driver for their careers, being essential for their professional and personal development.