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José Luis del Valle, Chairman of Wizink Bank, Professional Engineer Award from AIPE

The Association of Professional Engineers of Spain (AIPE) promotes quality and excellence in the professional activity of Spanish engineering.

The Secretary General of Transport, María José Rallo, praised the objectives of AIPE, supporting the professional certification of engineers.

The Association of Professional Engineers of Spain, AIPE, has presented José Luis del Valle, president of WIZINK Bank and LAR Spain, with the Professional Engineer award distinguished by AIPE 2022, at a gala event held in the Agustín de Betancourt Auditorium of the Association of Civil Engineers. This award, which is celebrating its first edition, distinguishes the Professional Engineer of AIPE who, through his work, has contributed to improving the quality of life of people and society as a whole through his activity.

María José Rallo, José Luis del Valle and Miguel Ángel Carrillo

The event was opened by the President of AIPE, Miguel Ángel Carrillo, who remarked that “the rigorous certification of AIPE favors the international mobility of engineers and increases their employability”, thanking the international presence of ENGINET members, and gave way to César Franco, Vice President of AIPE, who acted as moderator of the three speakers whose interventions are fundamental to understand the evolution and future of AIPE.


If there is one engineering certification body that enjoys international recognition and prestige, it is the Engineering Council of Great Britain. Its Director of International Affairs, David Clarke, insisted that “certification is a matter of competence and commitment. We don’t have enough engineers”.